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GP Mean Earnings

The mean earnings for GP’s working at Tean Surgery in the financial year ended 31 March 2018 was £78,212 before deduction of employees superannuation contributions, tax and National Insurance.

This is the average pay for 3 part-time GPs who worked in the practice for more than 6 months  during that year.

Other NHS Information

Temporary Residents

If you need help and are away from your usual Doctor, we are able to see you at the times outlines.

Fit for Work Certificate

It is not necessary to have a Doctor’s certificate until you have been absent continuously from work for seven days including weekends. After three days you must obtain a self-certificate (SC2) from your employer. If your employer insists on a private certificate for an illness of less than seven days duration then the Doctor will charge a fee of £10. If your illness continues for more than seven days then under the NHS your GP can issue an official statement (Med3) “fit to work certificate” to confirm your illness.

Our Practice Philosophy and How it Works

If you are worried about something it is always easy to speak to us on the telephone.  Our Nursing Sisters and Office Staff are experienced and trained in recognising most problems.  They will tell you how best to make use of us but in case of difficulty they will always ask the Doctor to speak to you.

Non NHS Fees

Some services are not covered by the NHS and a charge will be made in line with the BMA scale of fees.

These include medical examinations e.g.:
  • HGV licence
  • Employment medicals
  • Driving insurance etc
as well as certain certificates e.g.:
  • Private insurance claims
  • Private sick notes
  • Holiday cancellations etc